DS Real Teast Food Science

Who We Are?

The way to improve health is to provide – exercise, rest & nutrition to the body & mind. We are in the business of providing nutrition to the body & mind. Our 100% healthy & nutritious food and beverage products improve immunity, detoxify & cleanse your body, reverse aging and infuse life energies for your overall physical & mental well-being

DS Real Teast Food Science is the fastest-growing food and beverage company in India. We provide high quality, great taste, and nutrition for all eating occasions whether at home, in restaurants, or on the go. We are a young, passionate, and driven healthy food marketing company.
Our food & beverage products are designed by a team of PhDs, Food Scientists, and Doctors, IIM & IIT Alumni and successfully run by experienced FMCG sales professional having sound exposure in different Indian territories.

We value the trust that consumers place in our market-leading brands for their great taste, outstanding quality, and value. We are committed to producing good food and beverage products every day. We believe in celebrating life. Millions enjoy our healthy food products every day, and we strive to make sure every experience with our product is positive.

To become a company of 40 crore turnover before 31 March 2026.

To satisfy our each and every customer by providing high quality product at reasonable price.

Develop great relationships with employees as well as with all direct and indirect customers to serve them with superior quality receipy.

We believe in commitment, Quality & Integrity.


Mrs. Manju
Brand Manager
Mr. Deepak Dhankar
General Manager
Mr. Dharmesh Mathur
Business Head
Mr. Harish Khurana
Distribution Head
Mr. Jagdev Singh
Logistics Head
Mrs. Arti Saxena
HR Head
Mr. Shubhrendu Mishra
Regional Sales Head
Mr. Aryan
Head Social Media Manager
Mr. Ajay Gaur
State Head
Mr. Manoj Singh
Area Sales Manager
Mr. Nalini Ranjan Kumar
State Head
Mr. Anil Rathore
State Head
Mr. Sandeep Singh
Head Finance & Accounts
Mr. Sourabh Trivedi