One of the most popular condiment in Indian tadkas that takes the taste of our thali to the next level is the green chili, used in almost every traditional recipe to give it a smoking hot taste from chutneys to curries to salad, there’s nowhere that you won’t find it. But ever thought that this tiny green wonder could actually help your body chill? Yes, green chilies are believed to contain capsaicin, which lowers the temperature of our body by stimulating cooling center of the hypothalamus in our brain.

Besides this it has a lot of benefits that will give you good reasons to include chilies in your diet:

· Protection against cancer- Green chilies keep prostate cancer at bay by protecting the body from free radicals as they are a rich source of antioxidants.

· Zero calories- Green chilies have zero calories that speed up the metabolism to 50% up to three hours after consumption.

· Rich in vitamins – Green chilies are rich in vitamin C and vitamin K and is good for eyes, skin and immune system.

· Anti-bacterial properties– They have anti- bacterial properties that may help in treating various skin infections.

· Rich in iron- They are one of the natural sources of iron that provide body with rich nutrients.

Not just this but it has so much more to offer. Chilies are an excellent mood enhancer, pain killer and increase appetite. These little crackers can actually do magic to not just the food but to our health as well so the next time you wish to make your food spicier, add more chilies and chill because a little bit of it can do so much for you.

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