Lemon as a whole fruit offers multiple health benefits, whether consumed in any form from juice to sodas to pickles, it promises so much more than one can ever imagine. This article will throw light on various health benefits of lemons-

· Improves immunity- It helps in preventing diseases like scurvy and plays a role in building immunity by neutralizing the free radicals in our body and saving us from various diseases.

· Detoxifier-Lemons are natural detoxifiers, that help in cleansing the toxins from our blood and are very popular among people who follow strict diets to use lemons in their detox drinks. 

· Improves digestion- Lemon juices help in increasing the production of hydrochloric acid and bile juices in stomach which in turn help in improving digestion of food.

· Anti-carcinogenic properties- Lemons have an ability to prevent cancer with compounds such as limonene & naringin. 

· Prevent formation of kidney stone- Lemon juices have an ability to retain high hydration levels in our cells which reduces the risk of kidney stone formation. It also contains high levels of citrate which help in curingkidney stones.

Not just this but lemons are used to cure many skin problems and is one of the main ingredients in beauty products. It is excellent for dandruff removal and to maintain healthy hair,so it is also used in shampoos and serums. This fruit is one, but its benefits are several therefore, “when life gives to lemon, be happy and consume it completely”.

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