Healthy Eating Habits

We are, what we eat- this statement, very simply tells a lot about how our bodies are a reflection of what we consume. In this world, where we have no time left for long morning walks and heavy workouts, it becomes extremely necessary for us to keep a check on our eating habits in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy eating habits include a balanced diet comprising of all essential nutrients for our body like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Some dieticians also believe that eating all colors of food is beneficial to our health therefore, our diet must include all colors of food items. This article will tell you about the 5 most important food groups that should be included in our meals every day in order to stay fit.

· Whole grains (cereals): Wholegrain food items are highly fibrous and provide just the adequate dose of carbs, fats, proteins and sodium.

· Dairy products: Dairy items like milk, cheese, butter give us a mix of fats, proteins and also are highly rich in minerals such as calcium that is not fairly present in any other food item that we consume.

· Fruits:present in various colors these magically food items have every essential vitamin, minerals and fibers to give away and also are highly rich in antioxidants to protect body against viruses and bacteria by boosting our immune system.

· Vegetables, beans and legumes: They must be included as the major part of our diet as they provide minerals, vitamins and nutrients to our body.

· Lean meat, eggs, poultry items and nuts: This food group provides the maximum protein and also hemoglobin and adrenaline. Protein builds, maintains and repairs tissues in our body thus, is necessary to be consumed sufficiently.

Besides, having healthy eating habits is not possible if the food tastes bland and flavorless. The magic of our Indian food lies in the richness of spices that makes the healthy food taste like wonders. Right from sweetness of tradition jams to the spicy tang of pickles, we make healthy food taste better. We, at Nuti Food Science, bring you food that is loaded with health so, you may eat without being guilt-ridden of munching on unhealthy food. STAY HEALTHY, STAY FIT.

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