Soy is a magical ingredient which is been used in Asian diets for over a thousand of years. Like other soy food, soya sauce has a long history. It is one of the major condiments in cuisines prepared in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia and Philippines. Earlier soy sauces were used in the form of unrefined paste, over the years, the evolution led to the liquid form that we contemporarily use in our houses. Besides adding the traditional East Asian smack to the food, soya sauce has some surprising health benefits for our digestive tract. This article will give you all reasons to make soya sauce a part of your diet due to its extraordinary nutritional benefits.


The fermentation process required to prepare soya sauce is said to produce shoyu polysaccharides during the process, demonstrating potential anti-allergic abilities. Ingesting soya sauce exhibits more improvement in allergies as compared to taking placebo.


Soya sauce contains shoyu flavones which is a natural antioxidant in itself. It protects against free radicals that may speed up the aging process in human beings and also cause potential threat against cancer and heart diseases.


Soya sauce is one of the richest sources of sodium which is an essential mineral for performing functions like nerves transmission and blood pressure regulation.


Soya sauce is believed to reduce the number of bacterial strains in stomach and intestines. Also, helps in breaking down big molecules of carbs and proteins to smaller ones for easy digestion.


Soy foods especially soya sauce helps in providing vitamin-K to the body even after several days of its consumption, maintaining our bone mineral density and forming proper bone structure.

It is quite surprising to believe that how the little flavoring agents that we add to our food every day, turn out to be one of the major sources of nutrition and health for our body. But at the same time even if a spoonful of soya sauce is consumed, the quality is what matters more in order to enjoy all the benefits it promises. Here at Nuti Food Science we promise you the goodness of health along with the best quality product to keep the wealth of your health alive for long.

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