Jamming over fruits!

Jamming over fruits!

In the present times when our food habits have become so unhealthy and the environment is high on pollution, we have no option but to become health conscious. One of the food items which can help us in this goal without having to compromise on taste is the fruit jam. we all know about its exemplary taste but never wondered that it can be healthy too. With goodness of fruits the fruit jam is a viable option for those who want to adopt healthy breakfast practices and want to get rid of unhealthy spreads available like butter and cheese which offer a taste but also brings with it bag full of heart and cholesterol diseases.

Jam is made from whole fruits which is a product obtained from the heart of nature which contains sodium, calories, low fat and no cholesterol and contains many important vital nutrients such as dietary fiber, folic acids and vitamin C and potassium.

We have been eating jams since years now but we never realized how healthy it can prove to us. A lot of research done by medical professionals and universities show that how good jam is for our health.

Jam is not only a satisfying food product but it is so fulfilling that it helps us to eat less and control our cravings.

Fruits jams is an exception to the mainstream stereotype that tastes comes with the cost of good health. There are many nutritional benefits of fruit jams which we never knew about..



Jam helps in reducing stress and controls rising blood pressure


It helps in reducing risks of neural tube defects and anencephaly during fetal development in pregnancy.


It helps in maintaining metabolism in your body


It is helpful in reducing constipation and digestive disorders


It helps in healing cuts and wounds faster in your body


It is helpful in reducing risks of having type 2 diabetes

7. RBCs

Fruit jams helps in production of red blood cells in the body which helps us to lead a healthy lifestyle


Fruit jams if consumed in balanced quantity can make your gums and teeth stronger and healthier


Eating jams can reduce the risks of developing kidney stones 

10.  AGING

Since the fruit content is quite high fruit jam helps in achieving a glowing skin and slows down the aging process


One of the surprising facts is that fruit jam also helps in reducing cancer and also helps to cure it


Eating jam can also reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes

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